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Candy Cane scarf

I wanted to share a new Annie Original pattern for a scarf just in time for the cold weather.


An Annie original pattern.

Candy cane scarfCandy cane scarf close up

Close up of the stitch.

Materials: I used one skein of Knit Picks new yarn called Mighty Stitch in Cotton Candy. It is a worsted weight 20% superwash wool and 80% acrylic. It comes in 208 yards and 100 gram skeins. Machine wash and tumble dry. It is the softest wool/acrylic blend I have ever found. I promise you will love this yarn so much!

I used a version of the Brioche stitch. I have never done this stitch before, although I have been aware of it for years. I have to say I will be using it again because it is really easy and a fun stitch and I love the deep ribby look of this scarf.

Needles: Size 10.

Gauge: Doesn’t really matter in this project.

Size: Sample is 4 ½” by 57”.

Cast on 30 sts loosely.

Row 1: (this is a preparation row and only done once). *yo, sl 1, k1, repeat from *.

Row 2: (This is the only row you need to remember.)

*yo, sl 1, k 2tog, repeat from *.

Repeat row 2 until you have a couple of yards left.

Last row: sl 1, k 2tog. (You do not work the yo on this last row.)

Then bind off in pattern, very loosely.

Weave in ends. I didn’t block this because I loved the deep rib. I love the feel of this yarn and I am going to love wearing this.

This is a free pattern from Annie Lewis Marion. This pattern is for your personal, non-commercial use only. You are not allowed to make garments from this pattern for sale anywhere. You are not allowed to mass produce this pattern or garments made from it. Thank you for respecting the designer’s intellectual property. Thank you. September 19, 2015.

Get the pdf here. COTTON CANDY SCARF



Time for some crochet

I thought it was about time to do some crocheting. I designed this scarf using two strands of lace weight yarn held together. You could use a fingering weight yarn with beautiful results. I crochet on the loose side so if you are a tight crocheter you may want to change hook size.

Lip gloss scarf depth

Lip gloss scarf closeup

I am calling this the Lip Gloss scarf. I am very happy with this one. Give it shot and see if you don’t agree!



Have you ever had a dream that stuck with you? It may have been especially intense, or vivid and you just can’t get it out of your mind. I had one like that recently. It wasn’t how the dream impacted me that made it memorable. In fact I only vaguely remember most of it and have no recollection of what the dream was actually about but I do remember seeing beautiful knitted sweaters on one family of girls in the dream. I knew, in that way your know things in a dream, that the mother of the girls made their sweaters. What was strange was that the color was one I am not particularly fond of but the sweaters were so beautiful I wanted one. I spent the next day trying to recreate the stitch pattern, an exercise I challenge any serious knitter to at least attempt now and then. I am left with the only option. I will have to design the sweater for myself. Hmm, I guess that means I will need to shop for yarn…

You never know where inspiration will strike. It could be something you see in a movie or on TV. Sometimes I watch people just to figure out the pattern of the sweater they are wearing. I wonder sometimes if people think I’m stalking them because every time they turn around there I am staring at their clothing. I don’t really mind what people think of me ordinarily, but I wonder sometimes.

Today I want to share a pattern with you. I call them my Sweetheart socks. The pattern is relatively easy to work. If you have never made a sock before this would be a simple one to make. The hearts are in an easy knitted lace. They are worked from the top down. I used Knit Picks Stroll in white on size 3 double pointed needles. They would also look really pretty in pink. Of course, I think almost everything I wear should be pink.

You can find the pattern here SWEETHEART SOCKS FOR PUBLICATION

My old needlework journals revisited.

This past weekend I was looking through my old needlework journals. I was surprised to find some original patterns I had written that I had forgotten about. I guess I have been designing patterns for longer than I realized. Of course many of the items are long gone. Either they wore out, I gave them away as gifts, or they went to charity, during one move or another. I am going to work on some of the original patterns I had written years ago and possibly share them with you if I deem them worthy. Watch this space.

Another thing I realized as I looked through the older books is that when I first started all those many years ago, I was much better at noting what I had made, what needles or hooks I used and the material I had made them with. I even dated the entries. Most of them noted the source of the pattern and almost all of them at one point or another carried the disclaimer “made as written except…” because I can never leave well enough alone. I put my own stamp on it as I am sure many of you do as well.

After a while the entries got shorter and less specific about what I made or for that matter when! Some to the point where I haven’t the foggiest idea what I even made. There were entries like, ‘…made Mike a hat’ or ‘made Tim a raglan sweater’. No clue as what pattern, needles, yarn, etc. Many times there was not even a snippet of yarn to jog my memory as to what I had done. One of my husband’s favorite sweaters was a cobbled together mix of different patterns. I wish now I had written it out so I could recreate it. That was my original intent with keeping a journal in the first place, so patterns I wanted to make again could be easily found.

After all our moves, I don’t even have many of these patterns at all. In particular this last move when we were downsizing to our retirement home I got rid of a lot of pattern magazines, some of which I dearly wish I had kept. Of course, many of these journals were before computers and well before I found (which by the way if you haven’t found as yet, go there and check it out. It’s free to join and puts you in contact with needle workers all over the world. My Ravelry name is GraniAni.

So lesson — be more specific about what I made, what needles or hooks I used, the source of the pattern and the yarn I used. Then if I want to recreate it, I have all the notes I need to do so. I should also keep the working copy of whatever pattern I used so that, if I make it again, I have the copy and any notes and highlights I made on that copy, as well. It would help a lot when trying to decide, for instance what size to make this time. ‘Did I make a size two or three for Aedyn?’ So even after 37 years of knitting, I still learn new things all the time.

Today I also want to share my new sock design. I call it “Itsy, bitsy spider socks”. I used slipped stitches with yarn held in front of the work, followed my a way to gather them together to form the legs of the spider and I used a bobble stitch to make the body. These are some socks to knit in time for Halloween.

While I don’t think this should be anyone’s first try at sock knitting it isn’t a difficult pattern to work. Gathering up the legs of the spider is a little fiddly, but not very difficult once you get the hang of it.

This pattern is very adaptable to make in a variety of ways, to place your own stamp of creativity on them. You could make green and black striped without the spiders, make the socks all green and the spiders in black or all black with green spiders would also be fun. You could also choose to place the spiders randomly. So have fun with them!

Download the pdf here!  ITSY, BITSY, SPIDER SOCKS

My newest original design.
My newest original design.

Creepy but clean dishcloth

Today I wanted to post my new dishcloth pattern.

I am calling it  A creepy but clean dishcloth DSC00314

Up close I thought the pattern looked like little bugs or spiders crawling all over it. It is made from KnitPicks comfy yarn. I really like the way this yarn behaves. It holds up really well to repeated washings and soaks in water nicely when you use it.  I love this Zinnia color, too.

I thought this would be a fun project looking forward to Halloween next month.

Speaking of Halloween, I am working on a sock pattern that I think looks like little spiders are crawling down the cuff. It is worked in green and black Stroll fingering. Once I finish the second sock and take pictures I will post it. So stay tuned!

Thanks for stopping by! a

I’m back!

I’ve been away from this blog for awhile. I have had other priorities and much upheaval in my life. I think it is time to begin again.

I have been knitting and crocheting little things for my soon to be born granddaughter. I finally get to make all the pretty little dresses and hats I’ve wanted to make but didn’t have a girl to make them for. Now we do!

I have been using the yarn left over from some of these things to make what I call my practical practice pieces. They are basically swatches, a practice piece to play with a pattern just to see what it looks like or to test out before committing to a whole big project. I’ve got a little stack of these practice pieces. I would like to share one of these pieces with you today.

I am calling this piece Wishy Washy because now that it is done I will be using it as a dishcloth. It is a fairly easy pattern. You only need to know how to knit and purl. Gauge doesn’t really matter. I used Knit Picks Comfy, a 75% Pima cotton and 25% acrylic sport weight yarn. I have also used the fingering weight Comfy and liked the way they feel and the way they work. I also made a sleeveless shell out of this yarn in sport weight and loved the results.

You might also need two stitch markers and a small safety pin or piece of different colored yarn to mark the right side of the piece. These will help you keep track of where you are in the pattern. So here goes.



I have finished my Summer Blooms cardigan and the leg warmers for Ashely. I had to tear out the toe of my Basic socks because I made them too long even for my big feet. So I redid the toe and now I have to make the second sock. I have made this pattern many times but I always used fingering weight yarn. The pattern calls for sport weight yarn. So this time I am making it with sport weight yarn Knit Picks Stroll and they are soft and cushy. I am going to love these socks. Since I am a diabetic and have some nerve damage in my feet I need cushy socks.

This morning I read The Cat Manual by Michael Ray Taylor, a fun and quick read. I got it free from Amazon by going to for daily deals. Now I am reading Warrior Women An Archaeologist’s search for history’s hidden heroines by Jeannine Davis-Kimball, PhD with Mona Behan.

I want to start Anne’s Cardigan designed by Kathy Broughton. Downloaded from Knit Picks for $ 5.99. I am going to make it out of Knit Picks Stroll fingering weight yarn in Blue Yonder, a lovely blue color that is so soft and cuddly.

I am still working (slowly) on my Clarus from  Mastering lace shawls Craftsy class by  Laura Nelkin.

Busy, busy, busy….

New look.

I’ve changed the look of my blog. I think it’s pretty.

What I have been doing…

I am 90% done with my Summer blooms cardigan, a crew neck cardigan in Knit Picks stroll tonal fingering in Summer Blooms colorway, a tonal of warm pinks.  It is a super-wash so easy to take care of. Since I’ve lost 65 pounds in the last 10 years, none of my cardigans fit me anymore, so I have to make new ones. Not really a chore since I love to knit for myself.

I have finished Ashely’s leg warmers. She wanted some with buttons up the sides in natural so I chose Knit picks Swish worsted weight in bare. It is a super-wash for easy care. Now we need to decide on the 18 buttons they require. It’s the first time she has asked me to knit for her so I want them to be beautiful.

I have started the second of the two shawls in my video class Mastering Lace shawls with Laura Nelkin from Craftsy I am making it in Knit Picks Shadow in Pink Posy (it’s actually a soft lavender color).

I just joined Good Reads recently and have been enjoying that. I have entered some giveaway’s but haven’t won anything yet. I love to read and I am really enjoying my Kindle Fire.

Aedyn is to the point of walking. He has taken a few tentative steps on his own. Sometimes he stands without assistance without even knowing it. He figured out that he can lean against the couch or the ottoman so both hands are free to play with his toys and sometimes he’s just standing playing and not leaning. He is very curious and into everything. What a joy in our lives.

Well, that’s what I’m doing. How about you?

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