The little girl with the brown hair sits in the plastic chair, beside the card table draped with a plastic covering that gently whispers in the soft, summer breeze of the garden. The grass is long, cool and green beneath her bare feet and the sun is shining in dappled shades on her thick hair. In front of her are pots of fluid acrylic paints, spread out like a rainbow of colors. Luscious reds, deep greens, earthy browns and neon yellows against the stark white tablecloth. Nearby, sitting in anticipation, are big plastic cups filled with clear, clean water. Spread out, waiting are a variety of different sized paintbrushes. Big fat juicy brushes, fine little wispy brushes, soft round brushes, stiff flat, fan-shaped brushes.

She swings her legs as she chooses which color to use first. She dips her paintbrush into the water then tap, tap, tap, she taps it against the side of the cup letting the excess water drop like rain back into the cup. Then lightly tapping the brush onto the crumpled paper towel placed at her right elbow, her forehead furrowed in thought.

She picks up a paint pot and dips the brush into it and swirls it around. Gently wiping the brush on the side of the pot to shape the tip and wipe off the excess, she starts to paint. The brush hovers over the clean white paper for a brief moment of decision. Her brown eyes looking at the paper as if deciding what to create, before she places the paint on the paper with bold decisive strokes.

A long line here, a dot of color there. Dipping the brush into the water and swish, swish she cleans it off, wiping it on the paper towel before deciding which color to use next. All the while she paints, she weaves a story, explaining what the picture is and what she wants you to see in it. One painting complete, she runs to hang it up on the clothesline. Another clean white piece of paper and a new decision and a new story to tell.

Pattern after pattern she paints and weaves. This one is an abstract with staggered lines of color. Another is a grid made of different colored lines with dots in the centers. This one a specific picture of something from the world of touch and sight or taste. Painting after painting, all different, all with stories. She paints with words as she paints with color, filling the garden with creativity, stories and laughter. By end of afternoon she has her own art gallery hanging in the sunshine of the garden.