Altered books and journal pages in waiting.
Journal pages drying.

My DH was gone last week at school and while the cats away…

I prepared pages for the Art Journal project I am working on. I am using watercolor paper (140# cold press) with watercolor and acrylic paints. I am adding collage elements as the backgrounds dry. I intend to do some stamping, further painting and stencil work as the spirit moves me.

Below is one corner of the mess I made while working. Since I was home alone with my dog I didn’t have to clear up anything when I stopped for the day. LOL!

Creative chaos.
My Allie on the beach.

Here’s a picture of my sweet girl running on the beach. I think she loves the beach as much as I do! This is a big deal because I went to the beach (three hours away from our home) ALL BY MYSELF!!!! A huge deal for someone who didn’t even get her license until she was 26 years old. The weather was gorgeous! We had clear blue skies and warm breezes. We spent two days (one night) walking on the beach for hours.

Allie and I stayed the night at Ocean Spray Beach Resort in Grayland, WA. If you are ever on the Western Washington coast I highly recommend this great place. My DH and I had gone to this same resort in August but the weather wasn’t very cooperative. We walked on the beach even when it was raining. I love the beach.

The cabins of this resort were built in 1919! The present owners have fixed it up nicely. Each cabin has one or two bedrooms, a kitchen and private bath. It is a three minute walk down a dead end road to the miles of sandy beaches we have here in Washington state. Their website is There you can see pictures of the cabins and get the rates (very reasonable). The place is clean and Gary and Diane Johnson are friendly and as attentive as you need. I can’t wait to go back!