Today I read some of “Creative Mixed Media” by Sherrill Kahn. I got it from the public library but it is so interesting and informative I want to buy it. It is a great book with lots of ideas on mixed media techniques to try. She does beautiful work and has lots of pictures of it. Her idea about using cotton cosmetic pads was so interesting I had to go to my workroom and try it out for myself.

(Note: Put on gloves first because you will get ink stains, if you try this.)

Ms. Kahn suggested using Jacquard Dye-na-Flow for this technique but I didn’t have any so I used Posh Impressions Floral Brights Rainbow ink by Ranger. They come in little squeeze bottles. They are brilliant, beautiful colors. I think you could also use liquid and/or watered down acrylics paints or watercolors and put them into a squeeze bottle. I did something similar to this technique on rice paper and paper towels a few years ago, with Lumiere paints.

I already had a vinyl tablecloth on my cutting table for drying journal pages, so I laid down freezer paper on top of that matte side up, then I put down rice paper as the top layer. Then I laid down the cosmetic circles. I also thought it would be cool to use some dried baby wipes I had on hand in the same way. I laid out a line of these on another set of papers layered in the same manner. I wet down the circles with water, took them apart into two or three layers and began squirting the ink onto them.

I didn’t think the ink moved around as much as I wanted so I took a stippling brush and filled it with water and let it drip onto the pads to spread the ink around. I also put some inks into little containers and added water and poured it onto the pads. I used the dry baby wipes to sop up some of the dyed water and then laid them out to dry. They soaked up a lot of color. That was when I noticed that they have designs on them. There are little teddy bears and butterflies on them. Not what I had in mind but still kind of cool. I also poured water on the wipes to spread the color around and in some places the water pushed the inks out leaving a paler color on some areas. Now I am waiting for them to dry.

I will have not only elements in the cosmetic pads and wipes, I will also have interesting rice paper patterned in a variety of colors  (somewhat like watercolor washes on the transparent rice paper, which I love) and patterns (the pads leave little circles of color and white circles where the inks stayed in the pad and not on the rice paper underneath) and the freezer paper will have interesting patterns as well. I will use these in my creative projects and art journals.

Click on the thumbnails below to see full screen.

Cosmetic pads and baby wipes drying.
Inked cosmetic pads drying.
Close up of baby wipes drying.
My table with yummy fun elements drying.

I love having a stock pile of papers and elements ready to go when I have a few minutes to work and play in my room. Try this yourself!

What fun and creative thing did you do today?

Peace, alm