I have joined the fun and inspiring Creative everyday challenge from Leah Piken Kolidas. Her website is http://creativeeveryday.com/creative-every-day-challenge

She has set the challenge to be creative everyday in what ever form or medium you want to use. I’ve been following her blog for several months now and finally got up the nerve to publicly join in the challenge. I will post here what I am doing with a little nudge to you to go ahead and be creative everyday, too. You may want to join in the challenge and link your site to the rest of us so we can see your creativity and cheer you on too!

Aside from my writing I also like to make things with my hands and heart.  Here’s some pictures of some of the creative things I’ve made this week. Click on the thumbnail to see the picture really big!


"Do what you are afraid to do" ATC


This is an ATC with a quote from Mary Emerson (sister of the more famous Ralph Waldo Emerson). Painted background, stamped image and written in white gel pen.


I think it's an illusion ATC


This is another ATC with painted background, I glued on rice paper painted with watercolors, a strip of dyed paper towelling and a stamped image. The words are from an old book and I wrote Perfect in a variety of inks. Wonderfully imperfect.


I think therefore I'm dangerous ATC


I think this is my favorite quote ever. The words are from my Daily Bitch calendar with walnut ink brushed over them because they looked too stark and white on the original paper. The background is painted with silver Lumiere paint. I glued a strip of paper towelling dyed with inks. I also stamped a large image on the edge so only part of it shows.


Journal page.


This is one of the journal pages I have been working on. It was a little too big to be scanned properly on my computer so it’s a little cropped. It is in keeping with the general theme this week about not being perfect.


Journal page


This is another journal page. I painted the background, most of which you can no longer see. When the paint had dried, I glued part of an old map down. It is from Collier’s New Encyclopedia Volume 8 Resp to Soviet copyrighted 1921. I found it at an antique shop. It is a treasure I will use for a long time in my art work!

I added a small cut out of decorative paper and a strip of dark green mulberry paper. I added two images I printed out from a book of clip art. One is a woman the other a had writing with a quill pen. I added a part of a page from the encyclopedia. I glued on an insert from a worry doll I got at the World Market. The word treasure came from a book of my poetry, painted with  watercolor. I also added a small element I made from water soluble stabilizer and paper towelling with an image of a stamp painted with walnut ink.


Beaded hearts necklace I made.


This is a necklace I made this week from some beautiful beads I got from Oriental Trading Company. (Here’s the address but for some reason the link won’t work.)  http://www.orientaltrading.com/


Rose Quartz necklace


This is a necklace I made with rose quartz and glass beads that I have been  collecting for the last year or so.

So that’s my creative challenge everyday update for the week.

While I have your attention, I have been asked about the found poetry book I have been working on. This is a page from the book I am altering and making “found” poetry. I use words from the original book to make poetry of my own. I got this idea from a great website http://karenswhimsy.com/ She does really beautiful work, go check it out!

Found poetry altered book pages.
What creative thing have you done?
Peace, alm