Over the weekend I started a new knitting project. I haven’t been doing as much knitting lately because of pain issues but I wanted to make this sweater for some time and just decided to go for it. It is one that people on Ravelry are probably familiar with. (If you haven’t joined yet go to www.ravelry.com/ It’s free!) It was a very popular design by Flint Knit’s Pamela Wynne. It is the February lady sweater. I am making it in Knit picks Wool of the Andes, a knitting worsted, in Carnation, of course if it’s for me it is in pink >..<


The Yarn








Saturday night I started knitting and messed up on the increases, so I frogged it but and started over taking a little more care. By Sunday night I had knitted almost the entire garter stitch yoke (it’s a knit from the neck down design with Raglan sleeves in a variation of Gull’s wing pattern on the body and sleeves). When I looked at it I decided I didn’t like where the buttonholes were (my problem not the pattern’s), so I frogged it all out again and set it aside for the night. In the morning I started up again spacing the buttonholes a little more to my liking.

The new buttonhole positions








So far I am happy with the progress I am making despite the two false starts. The yarn is yummy and the pattern is familiar. I have made a baby sweater with a variation of the Gull’s wing pattern for decades.




That was my creative weekend. What did you do that was fun and creative?

Peace, alm