My mother is doing better. She and I are working on putting her memoirs together with photos with an eye toward publishing them on a blog I am creating. She is also a poet who has written several books of poetry which I will also publish on her blog. She writes music as well. She and my youngest brother are putting together her three albums worth of songs. He will have them on his site and I will provide a link to them.

She is in remarkably good spirits and has kept her sense of humor. She knows she is going to die from this disease. Her only worry (besides financial) is taking care of my father whose health is also not good. He has prostate cancer and a weak heart.

They appreciate all the good thoughts and prayers from their friends and acquaintances. I appreciate them as well. She has been in touch with people she hadn’t heard from for years. We have also been able to get in touch with family members who are scattered all over the place. So in some ways this is a good thing. At least that’s what I am telling myself. I don’t like that it took this to do it but I am glad to finally be in touch with family some of whom I have never met.

Peace, alm


P.S. For those who subscribe to both of my blogs this is a re-post of my update on A Crone in the Making.