This week I continue my Christmas theme with projects for the house. I’ve made one afghan, a simple granny square with 8 squares in the middle and a border around them, in Burgundy, Dark Thyme and Aran acrylic.

Granny square afghan


I am still working on a second one in “Holly and Ivy ripple” from the Leisure Arts book “Rippling Effects” by Carole Prior.


Holly and Ivy ripple afghan



I made two granny square doilies for the tops of our speakers in the family room.


Granny doily left
Granny square right



I made “Pattern of the Month” an original by Elizabeth Hiddleson from a pattern book I’ve had for years called “Blue Ribbon Patterns vol 2” from Tower Press dated 1970, but I think the actual pattern is much older.


Elizabeth's doily


I love this doily. I’ve made it many times and in many colors. I have another one I made years ago on an end table next to “my” place on the couch, now I have one for the other table next to my husband’s end table. I used this same pattern to make the tablecloth I put on the table every December in the same colors. I also made single motifs to use under some of my teacups in the hutch next to the table.

What creative thing have you done today?

Peace, alm