I am 90% done with my Summer blooms cardigan, a crew neck cardigan in Knit Picks stroll tonal fingering in Summer Blooms colorway, a tonal of warm pinks.  http://www.knitpicks.com/cfyarns/yarn_display.cfm?ID=5420134http://www.knitpicks.com/cfyarns/yarn_display.cfm?ID=5420134.  It is a super-wash so easy to take care of. Since I’ve lost 65 pounds in the last 10 years, none of my cardigans fit me anymore, so I have to make new ones. Not really a chore since I love to knit for myself.

I have finished Ashely’s leg warmers. She wanted some with buttons up the sides in natural so I chose Knit picks Swish worsted weight in bare.  http://www.knitpicks.com/yarns/Bare_Swish_Worsted_Yarn__D5420148.html It is a super-wash for easy care. Now we need to decide on the 18 buttons they require. It’s the first time she has asked me to knit for her so I want them to be beautiful.

I have started the second of the two shawls in my video class Mastering Lace shawls with Laura Nelkin from Craftsy http://www.craftsy.com. I am making it in Knit Picks Shadow http://www.knitpicks.com/yarns/Shadow_Lace_Yarn__D5420127.html in Pink Posy (it’s actually a soft lavender color).

I just joined Good Reads recently and have been enjoying that. I have entered some giveaway’s but haven’t won anything yet. I love to read and I am really enjoying my Kindle Fire.

Aedyn is to the point of walking. He has taken a few tentative steps on his own. Sometimes he stands without assistance without even knowing it. He figured out that he can lean against the couch or the ottoman so both hands are free to play with his toys and sometimes he’s just standing playing and not leaning. He is very curious and into everything. What a joy in our lives.

Well, that’s what I’m doing. How about you?