Have you ever had a dream that stuck with you? It may have been especially intense, or vivid and you just can’t get it out of your mind. I had one like that recently. It wasn’t how the dream impacted me that made it memorable. In fact I only vaguely remember most of it and have no recollection of what the dream was actually about but I do remember seeing beautiful knitted sweaters on one family of girls in the dream. I knew, in that way your know things in a dream, that the mother of the girls made their sweaters. What was strange was that the color was one I am not particularly fond of but the sweaters were so beautiful I wanted one. I spent the next day trying to recreate the stitch pattern, an exercise I challenge any serious knitter to at least attempt now and then. I am left with the only option. I will have to design the sweater for myself. Hmm, I guess that means I will need to shop for yarn…

You never know where inspiration will strike. It could be something you see in a movie or on TV. Sometimes I watch people just to figure out the pattern of the sweater they are wearing. I wonder sometimes if people think I’m stalking them because every time they turn around there I am staring at their clothing. I don’t really mind what people think of me ordinarily, but I wonder sometimes.

Today I want to share a pattern with you. I call them my Sweetheart socks. The pattern is relatively easy to work. If you have never made a sock before this would be a simple one to make. The hearts are in an easy knitted lace. They are worked from the top down. I used Knit Picks Stroll in white on size 3 double pointed needles. They would also look really pretty in pink. Of course, I think almost everything I wear should be pink.

You can find the pattern here SWEETHEART SOCKS FOR PUBLICATION