I wanted to share a new Annie Original pattern for a scarf just in time for the cold weather.


An Annie original pattern.

Candy cane scarfCandy cane scarf close up

Close up of the stitch.

Materials: I used one skein of Knit Picks new yarn called Mighty Stitch in Cotton Candy. It is a worsted weight 20% superwash wool and 80% acrylic. It comes in 208 yards and 100 gram skeins. Machine wash and tumble dry. It is the softest wool/acrylic blend I have ever found. I promise you will love this yarn so much!

I used a version of the Brioche stitch. I have never done this stitch before, although I have been aware of it for years. I have to say I will be using it again because it is really easy and a fun stitch and I love the deep ribby look of this scarf.

Needles: Size 10.

Gauge: Doesn’t really matter in this project.

Size: Sample is 4 ½” by 57”.

Cast on 30 sts loosely.

Row 1: (this is a preparation row and only done once). *yo, sl 1, k1, repeat from *.

Row 2: (This is the only row you need to remember.)

*yo, sl 1, k 2tog, repeat from *.

Repeat row 2 until you have a couple of yards left.

Last row: sl 1, k 2tog. (You do not work the yo on this last row.)

Then bind off in pattern, very loosely.

Weave in ends. I didn’t block this because I loved the deep rib. I love the feel of this yarn and I am going to love wearing this.

This is a free pattern from Annie Lewis Marion. This pattern is for your personal, non-commercial use only. You are not allowed to make garments from this pattern for sale anywhere. You are not allowed to mass produce this pattern or garments made from it. Thank you for respecting the designer’s intellectual property. Thank you. September 19, 2015.

Get the pdf here. COTTON CANDY SCARF