From chaos to beauty


Aedyn is ten months old tomorrow. It’s amazing watching him grow and explore the world. We are taking him to the fair on Thursday so he can see the animals.



I can hardly believe he is seven months old already. Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping into the future…

The Ten Commandments

Turned on the Ten Commandments just in time to see Moses talking to Zipporah. She is “spinning” wool. Being a total fiber geek all I can think is she’s holding her spindle upside down.


I am too busy enjoying my grandson to post anything.

The Luthien shawl.

Corrected and needle ready. The pdf can be downloaded here



An Annie original.

Luthien is a triangle shawl.It is 60” across top and 23” down the middle to the point.

This pattern is for your personal, non-commercial use only. You are not allowed to make garments from this pattern for sale anywhere. You are not allowed to mass produce this pattern or garments made from it. Thank you for respecting the designer.

Working on a project!

I am working on a kerchief pattern. I have fallen in love with kerchiefs. I may not wear a scarf because they hang down and get in my way but a kerchief just hugs your shoulders and keeps your neck warm. I want to make a pattern accessible to new knitters or people who have never knitted a kerchief before. It’s been an interesting project since I haven’t ever designed a kerchief before. I want to walk the knitter through it with lots of instruction and help. I am wondering if anyone is interested in knitting along with me.

Hoodie for Aedyn!

Just blocked this hoodie for Aedyn. Real easy (and free) pattern! Off the Bernat Softee baby yarn label. I used Bernat Jacquard yarn which is a self striping yarn, so it does all the work for me.  Made one in sherbet and pink for my brother’s daughter due in Oct.


Modeled by Valentino, my valentine bear.


Side view. Aedyn is going to look so cute in this!


I’m working on a blanket in blues and browns. His room is going to be in blues and browns. I’m also working on a bear hanging that will spell out his name. I’m looking for a pattern for stars or moons, maybe something stuff-able. The pattern is for balloons but his theme is going to be bears and stars. It’s an old annie’s attic pattern. I made one for Tim when he was a baby.


I wanted to show off what I’ve made for my grandson Aedyn.

Crocheted tennis shoes ready for Aedyn.
Sweet booties and mitts for Aedyn in wool.
Booties, mitts and helmet for Aedyn.


Sweater, hat and booties.
Sleep sack.



Hoodie for Aedyn
Booties and mitts.


Definately not for a newborn!


A bed full of clothes, blankets and quilts ready for Aedyn. In the foreground you can see the clothes Tim was wearing when he came from Korea.

I am not even close to being done making things!



My grandbaby.

They’ve decided to name him Aedyn Jace. A nice Irish name.

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